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XMRadio1 supporting the songzfactory platform, playing the music of the the finest undiscovered artists from around the world. Artist promote your music, get new fan , get free airplay #nowplaying on the station’s Factory Floor Show

LiSTEN noW (1)

LiSTEN NOW (2); Using HTML5 browser Player
compatible with most mobile phone & Opera Classic


Get the Radio App! for your mobile devices.  Or see above banner for listening link and also below for other listening links and troubleshooting details. This is a web/3G/WIFI radio station for computers & most smartphones, Ensure use Dolphin or Opera Classic browser on Android OS

SHOUT OUT!  Give a shout out ON AIR to friends and family!!

This is not only a platform for the undiscovered artists to shout from; songzfactory with XMRadio1 is also giving music fans and listeners the opportunity to give a shout out to friends and family On Air!

We really want to hear from you … So use the voice message button or the right side of the page or the Skype Call button to record/send us a voice message with your SHOUT OUT request, comments or questions. Or send an email to

Don’t forget to leave your name and the name of the person you are giving a shout out too if you use the Skype Call button. So Go Ahead SHOUT the call is free!! Requests received after Wednesday will be play on the Saturday broadcast and request received after Statuary will be play on the Wednesday broadcast!  Get Skype


Factory Floor is sponsored by See the Programs! page for program updates. Click the listen button to listen to the radio.

Are you are DJ, do you have internet access and time to freelance on XMRadio1? OR do you have an idea for a segment or radio show or you would like to contribute to the station and platform? email



web player for windows laptop/desktop

default audio player for laptop/desktop

Always make sure you click Listen option (1) and play the station first before trying any other listening links or apps.

If Listen noW (1) or (2) does not play, fresh browser and click the station’s play button.

If using the apps and you get the message “Channel currently unavailable”  refresh the app by removing the station and re-select XMRadio1. Contact for any further help


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